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Our new catalogue has arrived!

Our new catalogue has arrived! You have not received it yet? Do not hesitate to contact us and we will be pleased to send you a copy.

Collection-Souvenir has redesigned, remodeled and renewed its catalog of products with you and your customers in mind.
With the new classification system, searching for a specific category is now much easier.

To make your life easier, our catalog is also online and everyone can browse it here 

And all models are available in all formats! If you see a model displayed as a candle or a folded card, be aware that it is also available as a bookmark.
You liked our old models? Do not worry, they are still available. Some have even been revamped to fit the current trends.

The Production Line

Thanks to you, orders have been numerous and varied.
Fortunately, we have a well-structured production line that allows us
to meet your needs. Here are the main steps:

Meeting and Advising the Client

You know this step very well! It’s at that moment that the types of products and models are selected. The order form is sent to us for the next step.

Reception of the order

Our customer service team receives your order form and takes in your information. They then enter this information into our system and prepare the order to be sent to a graphic designer. 

Graphic Design

The graphic designer receives the order and starts putting it together:
Colour and contrast adjustments – Clipping – Montage – Layout – Proofreading – Proof Conception – Approval


Right after we receive your approval, we send the order to be printed. We then package it carefully for the last step.


This is the last step! At the end of the day, we select the best shipping method for your parcel, determined by your address and the approved delivery date.

An extraordinary employee

Josée Boulay, administrative director

This year, we’ve had the pleasure to have one of our employees cross the very respectable 30-years threshold.

A big thanks to Josée Boulay!  
Over the years, she went from the position
of Receptionist all the way to
that of Administrative Director. 

Here is a text from Josée on her years at Collection-Souvenir :

Autumn 1988 : My story at Photo-Presto/Collection-Souvenir started on September 5, 1988 as a Receptionist… we all have to start somewhere! I worked under the guidance of MM. Gaston Duchesne and Denys Gauthier and Mrs. Aurore Brassard, the co-owners.

Spring 1995 : As patience is one of my numerous qualities (hehe), the next opportunity came in 1995 when I won the position of Accounting Clerk. The person who occupied the position previously had left for a well-deserved retirement.

Winter 1997 : In 1997, our Accountant at the time was also leaving us, this time to go into business. M. Gaston Duchesne put his faith in me and entrusted me with the Accounting Department. It was an interesting challenge and I readily accepted. After that, my story continued with his son M. Sylvain Duchesne, who took the reins of the company.

Summer 2018 : Since then, my role in the company has grown and, before I knew it, I had accumulated 30 years of loyal service. I wish to thank my friends and colleagues Ms. Maude Chouinard and Mr. Denys Gauthier, who have always believed in me, who have seen me grow as a person and with whom I have spent many seasons since my beginnings!!!

Do you know the best way to send us photos?

The higher the resolution, the sharper and the more detailed the picture will be.
If an original photo is scanned at 300 DPI and the face measures 1 inch, the face will be made of a grid composed of 300 points. Perfect for a bookmark!
However, if we need to create a canvas, then we need to enlarge the face to about 6 inches, which ultimately gives us a resolution of only 50 DPI!
For this reason we ask you to receive scanned photos at a minimum resolution of 300 DPI, but for a very small or a poor quality photo you can increase up to 600 DPI.

For the best results, send us the original photo with the best possible resolution so that we can frame it ourselves.
If there are several people on the photo, tell us who is the person being celebrated.

Holidays Schedule

Due to the coming holiday season, our offices will be closed on December 25th and January 1st. Our staff will be there as usual to answer all your requests during this festive period. In addition, Purolator, Dicom and UPS carriers will be closed on December 25th, 26th, 31st (Dicom only) and January 1st.

Did you know?

We can partner with you to create tailor-made events for your customers!

Our designers will be delighted to help you create a unique event for your customer’s ceremony.

From the personal photos of your customers, we can create customized products that meet their needs and preferences, such as a commemorative banner that will welcome all family members at the event and on which they can leave written messages to relatives.