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Memorial Portraits

Collection-Souvenir: A Unique Tribute with Our Funeral Canvases!

In the silence of our hearts, each memory shines like a star. That’s why Collection-Souvenir presents you with funeral canvases, true windows to the soul of our departed loved ones. These works, marked by ethereal beauty, go beyond mere objects. They reflect lives rich in emotion.

At Collection-Souvenir, we understand the impact of losing a loved one. Thus, we are committed to celebrating the lives of the deceased with our high-quality canvases. They aim to honor their memory with dignity and beauty.

Collection-Souvenir-toile-avant-retouche Collection-Souvenir-toile-aprés-retouches
Collection-Souvenir-toile-avant-retouche Collection-Souvenir-toile-aprés-retouches

Before / After

3 models for 3 different styles

Our collection offers three framing styles: classic, elegance, and contemporary. Each style is available in two sizes: 10″x15″ and 8″x10″. In this way, you will find the ideal canvas for the dedicated space. Whether you prefer timeless elegance or modern simplicity, we have what you need.

We encourage you to contact us and share the stories of your grieving families. Our team of passionate graphic designers will turn their visions into reality. Together, we will create a place where love endures.


10″x15″ (16″x21″ with frame)

8″x10″ (14″x16″ with frame)


10″x15″ (17″x22″ with frame)

8″x10″ (15″x17″ with frame)


10″x15″ (13″x18″ with frame)

8″x10″ (11″x13″ with frame)

For more information about our canvas, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to answer as soon as possible.