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Photos on porcelain

An authentic and unalterable memory

Give a personal and colorful touch to your loved one’s grave with our photo prints on porcelain.

Collection-Souvenir offers high-quality printing on a weather-resistant and scratch-resistant surface, allowing you to honor your loved one with a vibrant and everlasting photo.

Customized photo prints on porcelain are available in a variety of sizes and shapes to fit all types of grave markers. Browse our selection and create a unique and memorable tribute to your loved one today

Our printed porcelain items are made with high-quality ceramic pigments and fired at 900°C for maximum durability.

You can choose to attach your printed porcelain to your loved one’s gravestone or display it on a provided stand for indoor use, such as in a columbarium.

We offer a selection of three porcelain object models, oval, rectangular, and bookmarks, each available in multiple sizes to fit all types of gravestones. Create a personalized and lasting tribute to your loved one with our high-quality printed porcelain items.

Oval shape

  • 2×3 cm / 1×1,25 po
  • 4×6 cm / 1,5×2,5 po
  • 5×7 cm / 2×2,75 po
  • 6×8 cm / 2,5×3,25 po
  • 7×9 cm / 2,75×3,5 po
  • 9×12 cm / 3,5×4,75 po
  • 11×15 cm / 4,25×6 po

Rectangular shape

  • 4×6 cm / 1,5×2,5 po
  • 5×7 cm / 2×2,75 po
  • 6×8 cm / 2,5×3,25 po
  • 9×12 cm / 3,5×4,75 po

Bookmark format

  • 4,5×15,1 cm / 1,75×6 po

Metal stand for indoor use

3M Weatherproof Outdoor Adhesive

Choice of borders also available

  • Black
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Bronze

For more information about our photos on porcelain, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to answer as soon as possible.